spring forward It’s time to spring forward. Springtime is here and with this new season comes the opportunity for new beginnings, recharge, and a change in routine. But if you’re still stuck with winter’s perspective, you might need a little extra help to get into the spring spirit. Here’s how to shake off the cobwebs and get ready for the warmer weather.

Change Your Health Habits

  • Get outside in the open air. During winter you probably spent most of your free time indoors, watching the TV, catching up on movies, or playing video games. Now’s the time to recharge your life by getting some fresh air and sunshine. Boost your vitamin D levels and improve your mood with time spent outside. Activity in the open air also helps improve your overall fitness, which makes it easier to feel ready for summer.
  • Schedule regular health checks and treatments. Don’t continue to neglect your health. Book a health exam or check-up, and make time for treatments like massage or physical therapy. This is particularly important if you have a health condition like a bad back or knee pain – untreated pain makes it difficult to take advantage of the change in seasons. In addition, you can take a look at any allergies you may suffer. Seasonal allergies can make it difficult to enjoy spring so investigate different treatments for hay fever and other conditions.

Step Out of the Rut

  • Overhaul your diet. Eat seasonal, local produce, making sure your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, fiber, and healthy fats. Steer clear of packaged foods that are usually high in sugar, salt and saturated fat. Plan your meals for the week and go shopping for ingredients so you are not missing the key items for preparing healthy meals. Drink plenty of water throughout the day so you are not dehydrated and you feel more alert – drinking enough water can also make you feel fuller, lowering your risk of overeating.
  • Cultivate healthy mental habits. If winter sees you suffering from depression or anxiety, springtime could provide a relief from your symptoms. Schedule an appointment with a health professional and also put some health habits in place like visiting with friends, planning activities to enrich your wellbeing, taking a yoga or meditation class, or simply being mindful about the positive factors in your life.

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