Naturopathy looks for deeper causes with a holistic view, encompassing the mind, body, and spirit.

The main focus of treatment is to bring you back to good health naturally by improving diet and lifestyle.


Stop wondering about the food you eat, and get trusted nutritional counseling at Advanta Total Health!

We can answer all of your questions regarding the following:

  • Supplements
  • Detox and juicing
  • Vegetarianism or food allergies
  • Foods promoting weight loss
  • Nutrition for athletic performance

We all know that proper nutrition is critical in creating and maintaining good health. However, when confronted by the bewildering array of vitamins, homeopathic options, supplements and enzymes, the flood of information is often confusing. We can take the mystery out of good nutrition and set you on the path to total wellness.

Meet Your Needs

At Advanta Total Health, you will be guided through a complete assessment of your nutritional needs. Then, we create a tailor-made nutritional program to suit your unique constitution. We can design a program to help you reach weight-loss goals. If you’re an athlete interested in building muscle mass with a healthy approach, we can provide expert guidance. Our experienced team can help you set healthy goals with a new, holistic approach to your health through diet and exercise.

Weight Loss

Natural approaches and supplements that could serve as your solution to weight loss.

-Personalized wellness program based on your specific needs
-Nutritional Testing:

  • Food Intolerance Testing
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Testing
  • Detox


Focused on whole-patient wellness, preventative naturopathic medicine is tailored to each patient and emphasizes prevention and self-care.

Naturopathic doctors work with patients to reestablish balance in the body, by assessing patient risk factors and heredity susceptibility, then resolve accordingly to reduce risk and prevent illness.

Education and a lifestyle that supports health, is the key to prevention of disease.

Get Tested Now!

We know there are so many health & wellness options on the market these days. If you want to ask us a question, or talk with us to be sure we’re the right fit for you, you can click below to get in touch. Thanks!

Meet Your Practioner

“So I got results of my nutritional testing back today and it has proven very enlightening as to why I have been unable to drop below 18% body fat! I have been eating a lot of foods that I have intolerances to thus creating chronic inflammation in my body! Gonna be rough relearning how to eat with excluding these things! Interesting thing is that over 80% of the population have at least some food intolerance or sensitivity. Highly recommend getting an ALCAT nutritional test done!!”

Gainesville, GA

"Dr Saira was very knowledgable and very sweet! I highly. recommend this office to everyone for any health concerns."

–Christina V

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