It’s no secret that as we age, we begin to notice gradual changes in the way our bodies’ function. Have you noticed some extra weight around the mid-section although your diet remains pretty much the same? Do you struggle to find the mental clarity or energy that once came effortlessly? Maybe you’ve even noticed a change in your libido?

Some healthcare professionals may be quick to treat the symptoms with medication. Prescribing anti-depressants for improved mental clarity or even going as far as impotence drugs and sleep medication. The problem with this approach is that they are treating the symptoms and not the underlying condition.

At Advanta Total Health in Marietta, we look at the patient as a whole and understand that where these symptoms lie, there is actually an underlying medical condition that is easily treatable. These symptoms individually and especially as a group, can be signs of a simple and very treatable condition.

Male testosterone deficiency is a lot more common than many think and is easily controlled with simple blood work and a medically supervised hormone replacement therapy program.

Hormones regulate growth, metabolism, and even sexual function. This elaborate overture of bodily function orchestrates your body’s response to stress. As men age, however, the body produces less testosterone, which can lead to many of the following symptoms:

–       Increased body fat

–       Loss of muscle mass

–       Difficulty sleeping

–       Fatigue

–       Depression

–       Mood Swings

–       Depleted Sex Drive or Function

If you have been suffering from one or many of these symptoms, you owe it to yourself to reach out to the highly capable staff at Advanta Total Health. We work with our patients to reach a proper diagnosis and course of treatment.

To learn more about our low testosterone treatment, or to schedule a free consultation to learn about how our hormone replacement therapy can help you, click here to schedule online or give us a call today at 770-955-2225.

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