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Eliminate Reactions: Sneezing, Coughing, Congestion, Fatigue, Mental Fog, Headaches


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Works for Food, Environmental And Chemical Allergies

Georgia Allergens Are Relentless; Your Remedy Should Be as Well

Can you imagine a Springtime in Georgia without Pollen?

How much more would you be able to enjoy outdoor events and the beautiful weather without sneezing fits and watery, irritated eyes?

How about being able to have your cat or dog in your house without worrying about having to deal with runny noses, coughing and even asthma?

If you have children with allergies, their reactions can be particularly insufferable. It hurts to see your children not able to feel 100% during sporting events and other outdoor activities

Drastically Reduce (And Even Eliminate) Your Reactions, For Good…

If you are like most of us with allergies, you have spent a fortune on allergy medication, both over-the-counter and prescription.

You’ve probably thought that these short-term, symptom masking daily tablets were just a part of your routine for the rest of your life.

Well, we’ve been there too, but…

You can use the method below to attack the root cause of your allergic reactions:

Allergic Shots

stimulate the immune system. By slowly increasing the amount of allergen given, the shots teach your immune system to tolerate exposure to allergens in the environment. Which can help reduce or even eliminate your allergy symptoms.


Testing is not painful. A drop of solution is placed on the skin surface and the medication will absorb into the skin pore. After the test is performed, it takes about 15 minutes to develop. A positive test will appear as a raised, red bump on the skin.

In order to achieve the most accurate test results, you should discontinue any antihistamines, over-the-counter or prescription, for at least 3 days prior to allergy testing.

You will be tested for the most frequent geographically specific mold and airborne allergens in your area. We will test for products from dust mites, proteins from pet hair and dander, trees, grass and weed pollens, molds and cockroach droppings. The test does not detect food allergies.

Adults and children over the age of 2 years can be tested for allergies. This is especially helpful for patients who suffer with asthma, allergic pneumonia, conjunctivitis (pink eye), undiagnosed cough, dermatitis (skin irritation), insect allergy, rhinitis, sinusitis, urticaria (hives) and angioedema (similar to hives, but beneath the skin).

The test takes approximately 30 minutes. It takes about 15 minutes to administer the test and about 15 minutes to register the results.

Immunotherapy is a form treatment that decreases symptoms for many people with allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, conjunctivitis (eye allergy) or stinging insect allergy. It involves introducing increasing amounts of an allergen to a patient over several months.

Relief from allergies varies from individual, but the vast majority of patients see results with in the first three months of immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is very effective in greatly decreasing or eliminating the symptoms of allergies. Up to 85% receive a complete cure or noticeable reduction in allergy symptoms.

Yes! Most major insurance plans cover allergy testing and immunotherapy.

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