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SECRET: The Cause of All Disease

by Richard P. Schuyler, D.C.

A lot is being written lately about the cause of all disease.  Some of it is true.  Some is misleading.  One thing is for sure:  it’s not really new AND it’s being kept a secret from most patients in today’s health care system.

From Hang Nails to Cancer.

There is only ONE thing that EVERY SINGLE disease state has.  This has been known for centuries.  From strains and sprains to colds and cancer, one constant companion of every ailment afflicting us is the heat producing process called inflammation. Thousand year old records tell us how ancient Greek and Indian physicians diagnosed and even PREDICTED disease using heat.  They knew that abnormally warm areas of the body could show them the location of disease AND they even developed diagnostic imaging that located diseased tissue.

Only recently, western medicine began using heat detection (thermography) to diagnose diseases like breast cancer.  But DID YOU KNOW that ancient doctors in South Asia that used thermography could find AND REMOVE cancer thousands of years ago?

Here’s how it works:

The patient is covered in a thin layer of wet clay.  As the clay dries, the areas of the body that are warmest dry fastest.  The areas that dried first clearly showed hot spots caused by inflammation.   The doctors would then treat the inflamed areas with medicine and even surgery.

Why am I talking about ancient people smearing mud on each other?

Well one reason is I have ADD (but that’s another story.  The other is because it demonstrates how LONG we have known how a game-changing idea can be left to wither on the vine in the name of the ALMIGHTY PROFIT (which is, unfortunately, what many so-called health care providers seem more interested in than getting you well.)

In 1995, a book called The Cure of All Diseases was written.  A lot of it is controversial but ONE thing is certain:


The big question is HOW!!!

So our next edition will delve into the best way to get rid of inflammation.

Until then stay healthy and be happy.

Dr. Richard Schuyler

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