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Health Hack #8 – Don’t Participate in the Pandemic!

IV Infusion Therapy. If you do find yourself in trouble, consider infusion therapy. This is a
wonderful way to boost your ORAC. Check it out below.

So, since they are thought cause disease, why are we not focused on germs?? Because GERMS ARE
EVERYWHERE and you can’t avoid them!!! In fact you wouldn’t WANT to!! Right now your body
has millions of viruses and bacteria and other micro-organisms in it!! Some are GOOD for for you like
acidophilus. One of our vital organelles, mitochondria, are believed to have evolved from a bacteria!!
So germs have been an important part of you for millions of years yet, most of the time you are
HEALTHY!! How does this happen? It’s because you are protected by your IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!
The human immune system is why most people stay healthy even when epidemics rage through the
population. It identifies and destroys “bad” germs and other invaders constantly. Now hand washing and
hygiene will help but are not the answer to being healthy.

Take China for example. The Chinese government has made a religion out of getting rid of germs.
Sanitation and western-style medical treatment are an obsession there. Everybody wears surgical masks.
An army of sanitation workers keep the cities spotless. They just finished a thousand-bed hospital in
TEN DAYS!!! But has this done anything to stop the spread of the Coronavirus? No! And I predict it
will not!! It is probably inevitable that the virus will make its way around the world and, when it gets to
your street, you can be ready for it.

INTERESTING NOTE: the death rate for men from the Novel Corona Virus is DOUBLE
woman’s in China. Why? Chinese men smoke. Women do not.

Dr. Richard P. Schuyler, DC

**Consider juicing fresh vegetables!!! A juice of: carrots, kale, spinach, beets, ginger (with some garlic if
you are sick) is an INCREDIBLE anti-inflammatory solution. You will FEEL the coolness spread
through your body as the anti-inflammatory phytonutrients take away the heat of inflammation and you
feel better almost immediately.

Another tip: Aloe Vera will cure almost any digestive problem from mouth blisters to hemorrhoids.
(Keep reading for IV Infusion Therapy and more….)

IV Infusion Therapy with Myer’s Cocktail and Glutathione.

Advanta Total Health’s Infusion Therapy takes the toxins out of your body, restores your digestive
absorption and hydrates you more completely than just drinking water or juicing.

Here’s what’s in it:
Magnesium, Calcium, Selenium, Vitamin B5, B12 B-Complex Vitamin C and Glutathione. These
powerful antioxidants pick up the free-radicals caused by bad food and toxic chemicals and washes them
away. Since they go DIRECTLY to the blood they are not destroyed by your digestive system.
Glutathione is totally destroyed in the intestines. Our nutritional experts can also recommend
supplements to keep your ORAC high without IVs.
Infusion Therapy puts powerful nutrients and detoxifying antioxidants DIRECTLY into your blood with
ZERO loss of potency caused by absorption problems.

***None of the information contained in this article should be construed as constituting medical advice. Dr. Richard P. Schuyler and Advanta

Total Health, LLC assume no responsibility for harm caused to anyone reading this article as a result from avoiding or delaying orthodox medical

treatment for any disease. Please consult your physician or other health care provider.

Now that we made my attorney happy and got that out of the way, you can return to the article.