Health Hack #4 – The TRUTH about Testosterone

Health Hack #4

The TRUTH About Testosterone*

(*Replacement Therapy)


Test your knowledge about testosterone.  (90% don’t pass this quiz.)


True or False:

  1. Testosterone is only made in male sex organs.                                   T/F
  2. Estrogen is only found in women.                                                         T/F
  3. Testosterone is a steroid                                                                          T/F
  4. Testosterone’s main benefit of is sexual function.                              T/F
  5. “Falling in love” increases testosterone levels in men.                       T/F
  6. Testosterone therapy only helps men.                                                  T/F
  7. All vigorous exercise decreases testosterone.                                      T/F
  8. High protein diets increase testosterone.                                             T/F
  9. TRT causes blood clots and heart attacks.                                            T/F
  10. Testosterone therapy can be DANGEROUS.                                        T/F

When I started our testosterone replacement program at Advanta Total Health I thought it would be great to help men in their 50’s, 60’s and up. BOY was I wrong.  (Keep reading to find out why).

TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) IS one of our most successful Anti-aging programs but NOT for the reasons most people think of when they think “testosterone”.  Sure it helps men achieve revived sexual performance BUT it also slows or STOPS some aging effects.  This is why it is truly…one of anti-aging science’s best kept secrets.

To find out why here are the answers to our quiz!

First, testosterone is an important hormone in BOTH men and women so 1 and 2 are both false (for those of you who are keeping score). It’s the ratio of testosterone to estrogen and other hormones as well as their levels that make us who we are physically. Testosterone is manufactured in male testes AND in the ovaries of women.  It’s also made in the adrenal glands and other tissues.

Testosterone is an ANABOLIC steroid (so Number 3 is True).  That means it BUILDS muscle and bone which is why males tend to be larger and more muscular than females.

As for Number 4, the MAIN benefit of testosterone in BOTH sexes is maintaining healthy bones and muscle.  Without it both men AND woman get weak bones prematurely and THAT shortens your life.  Sex is nice but not necessary to live so the answer to this question is False.

Interestingly when men fall in love their testosterone drops; yet, with women it’s just the opposite.  This may explain why men may rule the world but at home woman rule the roost.  (LOL). Number 5 is False.

Some of the most AMAZING cases we have had in our TRT program involve women.  In fact one female patient in our program reported it cured her of her depression AND fatigue. It helped her osteoporosis too.  Number 6 is False.

Ever hear about coaches telling players to refrain from sex the night before a game? There is some evidence that this is good advice for competitive athletes but it’s NOT because sex and sports both use up testosterone.  Weight training and body-building actually INCREASE testosterone levels in both men AND women.  Other types of exercise like heavy aerobics or running CAN decrease testosterone in some cases.  (More on this later). Number 7 is False.

Number 8 is True.  High protein diets (especially when combined with high stress and low fat intake) will decrease testosterone.  STRESS eats up testosterone and the cholesterol in fat is needed for ALL hormone production in your body and that includes testosterone.  This is why I was AMAZED to find men in their late 20’s and 30’s with low-T.  Why? Because they were very competitive, athletic guys who ate low fat, high protein diets.

While there is a huge lawsuit underway involving Androgel, a TRT cream (which we don’t use or recommend) there are NO studies that conclude that TRT causes ANY harmful side effects (including cancer) when properly administered. Number 9 is False.

Again, PROPER supervision is CRITICAL because testosterone is a CONTROLLED substance so, yeah, if you buy it out of a gym rat’s trunk you could be in for a world of hurt. Like I always say “When you’re dumb you gotta be tough”.  At Advanta Total Health we MONITOR you AND your testosterone levels to 1. ensure TRT is RIGHT for you and 2. optimize your results and successful outcome.  (Yes that last part was shameless self-promotion).

So, as always, NONE of the above is meant to diagnose or treat any health condition.  Consult a health-care provider (like the ones at Advanta Total Health) More shameless self promotion true!  Call 770-955-2225 and find out more.

Yours in health,

Dr. Richard Schuyler DC

P.S. – Next time we will talk about weight-training, body building and more. See you soon.